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Are You Ready to be Dedicated, Determined, and Different ?

“The greatest gift to yourself and others is to be your Best Self”

What We Do


SAS mission is to empower people to embrace their strengths and talents to be successful unapologetically, and fulfilled lives by training and coaching using tools that can transform individual’s work and personal lives.


Our vision is to be the leading training and consulting organization utilized by small businesses, nonprofit groups, corporations and faith-based organizations to help survive and grow in the 21st century and beyond.


Our primary focus is to work with organizations mission-critical individuals and leadership teams to impact developmental needs and processes that lead to improved overall results for customers.

Leaders Can Drive Positive Engagement

When leaders recognize leadership in themselves, setting clear expectations and create a culture of transparency and accountability. We can promote and reinforce positive engagement. As leaders, we must understand when focusing on employment the dilemma for many of you. You must communicate, have a structure for onboarding, orientate new employees, and have a reward and recognition system. To be successful, it’s imperative that, as leaders, we create a culture of Empowerment- Encouragement- Engagement- to succeed in the company’s ROI.

Our Partners

“Every Encounter is an Opportunity.”

—   Dr. Stephanie GiLes-Merrick, Ph.D.