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ASBM International Webinar

International Webinar on “Managing HR in a Multi – Generational Workforce” Panel Member
School of Business of  ASBM University, Bhubaneswar, India on September 4, 2020


Feedback from Multi-Generational Workforce

Patrick Ugwuegbu – “Excellent Very informative and realistic” 

Santosh Kumar – “Fruitful and informative webinar”

Ms. Freeda Maria Swarna –“Very knowledgeable information”

Rampam Anusha – “I personally feel that this session is very useful and interesting for everyone”

Sandip Dhungana  – “Excellent”

Ajay Pandey – “Very nice and informative session”

Simran Hotta – “It was a wonderful session indeed”

Dr.Sheena K, Cochin – “Excellent Webinar”

Dr Bello Taofik Abidemi, Nigeria – “Wonderful and informative session”

Mr. Obaidullah, Delhi – “Excellent Overall this is a very good and knowledgeable sessions”

Kigali, Rwanda – “I appreciate the vital role prayed by the panelist and presenter and the organizer”

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