Workforce Development

Tools for Workforce Development

Resume 101/Job Readiness

This session will help you with an understanding of resume fundamentals and why a resume is necessary for job search. We will discuss the volatile job market and what employers are looking for and making sure you gain an understanding of how your talents must align with the requirements of any position to which you apply for.

Points of Focus:

  • Types of resumes we will discuss are two basic types of resumes: chronological and functional.

  • We provide hands on preparation to writing your cover letter and resume. Discussing what type of information should be gathered to prepare a resume that leads to results.

  • Presentation: the look of the resume, including paper types, length, and using a template

and much more …

Advanced Resume Writing

You will get a better understanding of how to construct a high-impact resume. We will discuss layouts that are clean, crisp, consistent, and attractive.

Points of Focus:

  • Quick review of all the points in Resume 101

  • Bolstering the resume

  • Polishing the resume

  • Build or Re-build resumes

  • Cover letters beyond entry-level experience

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